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About me.

I have been a Recruiter, Movie Extra, Project Manager, Parent Educator, Baker and Counsellor.

And in all this, I have always been a lover of people and change.

So I trained to be a Life Coach with the Jay Shetty Certification School.

My mission is to create space to pause and dig deeper in order for you to fly.


My commitment is to assist you in broadening your perspective, and finding the answers you probably knew all along. I am here to keep you accountable and act as your thinking/feeling/planning partner. Take a moment to see, understand and connect with what you really want, so you can make the changes you might not have dared consider. We are all so unique, and our experiences have shaped us all into who we are in this moment. Taking a step back, and seeing profoundly, helps.

Book a call to see if you like my style and if we can do some good work together? 

Or send me an email if you have questions first: 

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