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I came to coaching quite directionless, and struggling to be present and happy in what my life looks like right now.

After coaching, I feel very positive about my future plans and have a much clearer sense of self.

My biggest takeaway would be to hold things lightly. I have been in the way of my own happiness and giving lots of control/responsibility to external factors rather than giving it to myself.

I would 100% recommend coaching with Claire. I’d say she can help figure out your thoughts more clearly. She’s a great listener; and asks questions of yourself that you otherwise may struggle to see alone. She’s a gift.


I considered coaching, as I was at the end of a particular season of my life, and wanted help knowing how I wanted the next decade to look like.

Claire helped me to listen and reconnect with my emotions. Her sessions assisted me in improving my communication skills with others, and the ability to say no!

Claire delivered excellent guidance and support to deal with uncomfortable issues from my past and present, and helped me be equipped to handle future

situations successfully.

I have since applied what was modelled and feel an increase in self-confidence and worth. I can highly recommend her coaching.


Meeting with Claire has been such a positive experience. I'd not tried coaching before and found it really worthwhile and something I would highly recommend.

Claire asked the right kinds of questions to help me unpack challenges I was facing with stagnation in my career, lack of direction and struggles in my creative practise. She helped me to understand my motivations, recognise barriers and regain

excitement about what was possible, helping me put together a plan of how to move forward. She drew useful and insightful points out of conversations that helped me reflect in between sessions. And meeting each week helped me with accountability and prevented me from putting things off. 

These sessions proved really useful at helping me find new direction and address something I had been putting off for a long time.


"Claire provided a calm and rational voice at a time of professional turmoil. Her insights were perceptive, illuminating and super helpful. It can be hard to step back and take the time to work out what you really want, and the best way of getting there, but Claire has been a thoughtful and sensitive guide during that process. Coaching with her has definitely helped me to unpack some issues and see a more constructive way forward." 


"I came to Claire to help me find some clarity in the stage of life I'm in right now. I wanted to figure out a change in career as well as a possible move to another country. Claire's calm and kind approach made me instantly feel at ease and she was great at asking the right questions and helping me to hone in on my vision. I would highly recommend Claire. "


"I met Claire at a point where I was processing a lot of pain and had lost my mojo. Her empathy, warmth and sense of humour put me at ease and made our dialogue feel so natural. Her insight and compassion helped guide me through a difficult patch, and I've felt greater clarity and calmness since completing our round of sessions.  I'm glad to know that I have someone to turn to, when life throws us sticky moments, and couldn't recommend her services more highly."


I came to coaching with Claire because I had a lot of threads I was

working on and I needed help to prioritise my projects. Claire asked great questions that, on a practical level, allowed me to process, organise my projects and time and at the purpose level, dig deeper into my ‘why’ which helped me re-clarify my goals and focus.


I am very happy to have made the decision to start coaching and grateful to have stumbled across Claire. 

I felt very safe from the beginning as she understood, respected and

prioritised my wishes, goals and boundaries. Going through the coaching was of course challenging as I have shed down a lot of layers but this lead me to new insights, growth and more confidence within me. I really appreciate that I

feel like I reached those insights myself but had Claire as a helpful and very compassionate guide, which made it possible to get curious about my old patterns in a secure way. 

I'm very excited to take everything I've learned with me and I continue to discover more. 


After coaching with Claire, I’m feeling more confident as regards to my future plans.

My biggest takeaway will definitely be the great directions that she has given me,

exploring great details to develop my career.  

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