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Supporting you rediscovering yourself to have a full life.

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Whether you're questioning your purpose, wrestling with frustrations, or simply longing for more out of life, I'm here to help you navigate through it and pursue what matters to you. 


I provide a supportive space for you to be truly seen and be honest with yourself so you can live a fuller life, building better relationships, and making choices that resonate with your own values.


Together, we'll peel back the layers; and with a blend of psychology, counselling, body-awareness and the Enneagram, I will assist you in understanding yourself more deeply and unlocking new possibilities.


Living in the UK with my husband and two kids, and loving my South London community.

Here since my early twenties after having been born and raised in the South of France. 

I have been a Recruiter, Movie Extra, Project Manager, Parent Educator, Baker and Counsellor.

And in all this, I have always been a lover of people and change.

So I trained to be a Life Coach with the Jay Shetty Certification School, and then went for Accreditation with the Association for Coaching.

I am also an Enneagram Typing Practitioner, and use its model to make sense of our worlds and motivations. 

My mission is to create space to pause and dig deeper, to support and empower you to live a full life. 

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