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Welcome to Life Coaching

Life is a journey of change. Exploring your own life, with all of its challenges, isn’t an easy journey. Gaining insights into ourselves and discovering more of who we want to be is essential if we want to live well in amongst life’s turbulence.

With a background in Psychology and Counselling, I create a confidential space for you to explore your wants and your challenges, to support you in seeing the bigger picture and guiding you, step by step, towards a life you find personally satisfying.

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So, what is coaching really?

It's two people putting in all their resources towards the same goal.

It's seeking a shift in perspective and beliefs for personal transformation and growth.

It's inward change for outward action.

How does coaching work with me?

Listening from your perspective.

Powerful questions.

Sharing my observations and psychology based knowledge.

Non-judgmental space for you to be unedited.

Wisdom and understanding about human emotion and behaviour.

Positive psychology.

Me challenging you.

Emotional intelligence tools.

Personality testing with the Enneagram. 

Purpose and vision focused. 

How long does it typically take to see results?

The time that your coaching process will take depends on the complexity of your goals and your commitment and openness to your process. Fast doesn't mean better results. Meaningful and long lasting is what we are aiming for. You can start with a 'Taster Package', and then evaluate the best path for you moving forward. Or you can jump straight in for a bigger package. 

What results can you expect?

-Stronger awareness and insight.

-Refining your purpose and motivations.

-Rediscovering things about yourself.

-Feeling heard and understood.

-More confidence and resilience.

-Desire & strategy to form habits that serve you. 

-Forward movement in the things you want to be and achieve.

-Renewed energy and motivation.

-Personal enlightenment and enhanced clarity.

-More focus and alignment to your goals.

-Better relationships.

What's the first step?

Book a call here. There's no further commitment needed.

Send me an email if you have questions first:  

Possible side effects of working with me (you've been warned): 

You may be subjected to my humour. 

New insights can make things look worse before they get better.

Digging deeper may require courage and vulnerability.

Making different choices can be hard work.

The journey can be challenging but the outcome always worth it.

Trust the process.

Useful Quotes 


Susan David,

Emotional Agility

Labelling your emotions provides useful information. Your emotions are beacons. They help you to identify what you care about most, and motivate you to make positive changes.


Dan Pink,

The Power of Regret

Over time, people regret what they didn't do more than what they did do.

Regrets of inaction are far more common than regrets of action.


Jay Shetty,

Think Like a Monk

When we tune out the opinions, expectations and obligations of the world around us, we begin to hear ourselves.


Brene Brown,

Dare To Lead

Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; it's choosing what's right over what's fun, fast, or easy; and it's practicing your values, not just professing them.


James Clear, 

Atomic Habits

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. 

Your goal is your desired outcome. 

Your system is the collection of daily habits that will get you there. 


Adam Grant,


It isn't failure that holds you back. It's the emotional baggage you carry afterwards.

Self-doubt, regret, disappointment, and embarrassment are instruction manuals for learning.

The goal isn't to dwell on what went wrong yesterday. It's to discover what you can do better today.

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